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Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another Busy Weekend and more Ernie pics

We're very lucky that we know someone fairly close by who has gone down the Barefoot route ahead of us.  On Friday afternoon, we called over to Frances for a chat and had a look at her barefoot horses.  She had printed off loads of information about measuring and sizing hoof boots.  She also showed us her hoof boots - Easyboot Gloves, Easyboot Gloves with a Powerstrap and Renegades - and demonstrated how to put them on and off.

Hal's foot - he's only barefoot two months

She also very kindly loaned us a pair of each, so that we could mess around with them ourselves and get a feel for what sizes we'll need to order.  It was really interesting to see the boots in real life, particularly the Renegades.  They look really clunky and plasticky in photos, but they are really solid and very well padded at the heels.
Hal modelling the Renegade boot
Anne was busy fundraising for IGDB all day Saturday - Roxy blogged about it here - while I was carless and housebound for most of the day.  I rode Flurry, he wasn't great, he's getting heavier on that damn left rein the whole time!  I don't know if it's the GP saddle or a bit of stiffness creeping in or if my riding has degenerated - I'll try him in the dressage saddle next time.
When I'd finished riding Flurry, I measured his hoofs and messed around with the boots for a while.  The Renegades seem pretty good on him.  I'll get a second opinion next time Anne and I are in the yard at the same time, but I suspect I'll be investing in a pair or two - although I'll go for bright orange, so that they'll be easier to find if we lose one on a mountain trail!
I spent some time drafting a document for Dressage Ireland later in the day - another item that still needs to be crossed off the list - and general house tidying.  Great fun :-(
Anne was caught in the house tidying trap on Sunday, but she also managed to get some gardening done - she got all her onions down (I'm so jealous!!).

I was gone for all of Sunday helping at the finals of the South Munster Dressage Autumn league.  It was a bit cold, but at least it was dry and even sunny sometimes.  The day ran pretty smoothly, due to flexible judges, cheerful competitors and plenty of willing help.  That's the last show I'll be at for six months - I think I'll miss it!  Seriously!
It was nice to find the whole family at home when I got there - fire lit, dinner in the oven.  Ahhhhh!
While I was scribing at the show, I realised as I wrote the date in on the first competitor's sheet that it was Nov 27th - one month to go!
Time to panic - either that or get my head down and get some Christmassy stuff done!

To finish, here's a few more photos of little Ernie at the ISPCA's Victor Dowling Equine Rescue Centre.  He's looking better and better thanks to the good care he's getting.
Thanks to Lisa O'Donovan for allowing us to use these pictures.
The ISPCA has introduced a simple fund-raising scheme this year, it's called the Hay Drive.  €3.00 will provide hay for one horse for a day - to donate your €3 (from Ireland), you just have to text HAY to 57802 - it couldn't be simpler!  You'll be helping little guys like Ernie and bigger guys like the ones in this ISPCA video (warning, these scenes may enrage horselovers).

 If you're one of our non-Irish readers and you'd like to help the ISPCA with their work, visit and THANKS from all of us here.

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