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Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Wednesday 25 January 2012


We had a lovely hack, out for an hour, the boots still twisted and need more research, but the French podiatrist is coming this week so maybe she can help. We were planning our next hack, and both hoping that next week we could start to go further afield and explore more.

So feeling really pleased with ourselves, and with thoughts of lunches in nearby country restaurants, in my mind at least, we untacked and walked the horses up towards the gate into the field which is just a long length of electric fence about 30/40 feet long, always a bit tricky if the other horse comes up to investigate, but there was no sign of her, so we had assumed she'd been taken out for a ride.

Two things happened at once , the wire got snagged on the ground, I was leading Gigi and opening the "gate", and Ugoline, the other horse, appeared at a pace from down by the stream, Flurry took a bit of a fright and Martine ended up on the ground. I shouted over to ask her if she was OK, and she replied that she thought she had broken her wrist. Well as she had broken her wrist before, I believed her straight away.

So I let the horses go and drove Martine back to her house, where she applied a wine cooler to the wrist.

Martine and Wine Cooler
Our reception at Apt hospital was interesting, "Weren't you here on Friday" they asked.

Waiting to be admitted
One broken wrist

Martine was quickly seen and the doctor (same doctor) took one look and confirmed it was broken. In no time at all she was hitched up to a panadol drip, no tablets here !

All plastered up
But after an x-ray the surgeon gave her the bad news that the wrist was badly shattered and would need pins and plates, and that they would operate in the morning, so poor Martine was admitted for the night to await surgery the next day.

Well I am glad to report that the operation was a success and she will be back home here later today. We have discussed contingency plans re "Le Big Trek" and people are kindly offering to help ride Flurry so he can be kept fit and ready to go whenever Martine is able. George being the first to volunteer his time at the weekends.

So hopefully we will still be able to go, even if the goals are a little less ambitious. I am sure Martine will post with her side of events, knowing her maybe even tonight!


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about Martine's wrist! I am glad that surgery went well, though.

  2. Very sad to hear about your mishap, Martine. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope it is not going to spoil your long term plans.

  3. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Get well soon Martine!!

  4. Amazing treatment- from xray to exit...that is really quick! With your sunny disposition, you'll be back in the saddle in no time....(whoever's riding flurry might teach him to neck-rein in the meantime..?) :D
    Get well soon x

  5. Get well soon, Martine.
    I did something similar playing indoor football a few years ago and if there's one thing I can recommend, it's a knitting needle or rule to scratch the unreachable itch! I also found a hack-saw useful, on two occasions, when the itching drove me out of my mind :)


  6. In Flurry’s Defence…
    Anne’s post is brilliant, and captures our pre-fall elation perfectly. My only quibble is that it sounds like Flurry spooked and barged into me, knocking me over. In his defence, what happened was that he spooked, stepped on my toe (skin broken, the least of my worries), I attempted to step back and overbalanced, mostly because my toe was stuck under his foot. I knew I was going to fall on my ass and stupidly put my hand out to save my butt… a bruised ass would have been better than this!
    Flurry stopped straight away and I’m sure he knew I was hurt, he was very sweet, nuzzling my hat and my face while I was hunched over clutching my wrist.
    Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. I'm quite sure the surgeon said something about riding in a cast...

  7. I'm quite sure the surgeon said something about riding in a cast!

  8. So sorry..hope you get better soon! Don't know about riding in a cast...

  9. Glad to hear the excitement is over. I know you will see this as a change of direction rather than a disaster. Join Anne and smell the roses!

  10. Martine, what have you been up to. Just read Anne's blog Poor Flurry being blamed, how could people think he would do that to you! Get well soon. I somehow can't believe that a little pinned and plated shattered wrist is going to stop you. I am sure George is attending to your every whim.

  11. Hey, Martine, if you're going to hurt yourself, France is definitely the best place to be treated.......get well soon!

  12. Really sorry to hear this hope you are a quick mender, I think riding in a cast should probably be avoided, glad to hear Flurry was caring even if clumsy.

  13. Oh Martine best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. Oh no, you poor thing. You look very brave in the photos, it must have been so painful. I'm glad to hear Flurry update, I am sure that he did know you were hurt.

    Fingers crossed that the wonderfully efficient French hospital will ensure your wrist heals up double quick. Lots of excuses now for French food and wine.

  15. heard the sad tale from Anne - hope you get better soon - guess you will be have to driven everywhere too so those vineyard trips will result in you being chief wine taster!!

  16. Was in Skevanish today giving Paddy some tlc and Grit told me this but I thought she must be mistaken as I read earlier that there had been a finger mishap and I thought 'not twice ' !!!! hope you're ok and I agree with Denis - may not be such a great disaster at all. xx

  17. Martine,

    That's terrible news! I hope it doesn't hold you back too much, and that you recover quickly.

    Roy E.

  18. Geez - shattered wrist and she is smiling. heal quickly!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond