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Wagon. A cranky contary female / an ugly female. She\'s some wagon eh?

wagon. wagon - an awful woman. than one is such a wagon!

wagon. a woman thats a bitch. dat ones a right wagon.

Wagon. A cantankerous old woman.. Yer wan's some wagon, I asked her could I feed the seagulls and she lifted me out of it!

wagon. car or other mode of transport. i'll drive my waggon.

Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday - Back in the Drôme

Today was a much needed day of rest for us and the horses. We left them munching Lucerne contentedly in their pen for most of the day while we did some sightseeing around Beaumes de Venise. We've now moved on to our next lodgings, in the little village of Venterol in the Drôme region. For the next week, we will be travelling to new lodgings every night, moving steadily northwards. We are in very rural mountainous country and may have some difficulty finding an Internet connection, so if you don't hear from us don't worry (Denis & Sharon!!) Á bientot!


  1. I hope you all voted!,,,,,the early results are VERY interesting. It seems like a good idea to relax. You have made good progress and you have been lucky with the horses. Relax and enjoy a glass, or two....