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Wagon. A cranky contary female / an ugly female. She\'s some wagon eh?

wagon. wagon - an awful woman. than one is such a wagon!

wagon. a woman thats a bitch. dat ones a right wagon.

Wagon. A cantankerous old woman.. Yer wan's some wagon, I asked her could I feed the seagulls and she lifted me out of it!

wagon. car or other mode of transport. i'll drive my waggon.

Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Weather Watch

I plan to have a look at the weekend weather every Friday, and post it here.  Hopefully, from Jan to March our Irish friends will be jealous of us.  Either that or they'll be laughing at us!

I'm hoping this is legal! If not, it will disappear very quickly!

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