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Wagon. A cranky contary female / an ugly female. She\'s some wagon eh?

wagon. wagon - an awful woman. than one is such a wagon!

wagon. a woman thats a bitch. dat ones a right wagon.

Wagon. A cantankerous old woman.. Yer wan's some wagon, I asked her could I feed the seagulls and she lifted me out of it!

wagon. car or other mode of transport. i'll drive my waggon.

Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The LSH Takes to the Saddle

The LongSufferingHusband was the first to offer his riding skills as part of the "Get Flurry Fit while Martine is Banjaxed" plan, even though it's been quite a few years since he was last seen on the back of a horse.  

The YD was keen to have a hack out with her Dad before she goes home tomorrow, so Anne kindly loaned her GiGi, Flurry found himself carrying 50% more weight than he's used to and off they went, with me trotting along as part of the "Keep Martine fit while her arm is Banjaxed" plan!

They did a new route which we had sussed out yesterday, which crosses the main road, goes out to the other side of Céreste and comes back through the village on the way home, 4.3km in total, which seems a nice distance for someone's first time riding in years.

In hindsight, it may not have been entirely fair to send the LSH off on a new route for his first time.  Flurry got a bit excited on the way home, especially when about twenty very noisy vintage cars that were taking part in a rally went past, but they both held it together and got home in one piece!

The Renegade boots are still not behaving perfectly.  The hind boots don't twist at all, although it's more of a struggle to get them on, but both front boots on both horses invariably twist, usually up to about 30˚.  We're not sure what to do about it - as far as we can see, we're fitting them as described on the Renegade website.

Anyway, here's our first Everytrail map :

Hack avec flurry

EveryTrail - Find trail maps for California and beyond


  1. Glad to hear the LSH survived his ride, he looks very comfortable on a horse for not having ridden in a few years. Sorry I can’t be of any help with boots I’ve never used something like them before hope you can get it sorted.

  2. After a bit of searching found this on the Renegade page, but it looks like an hour or two's work !