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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Still More Wraps

I made a big mistake during the week.  I googled "pin removal fractured wrist."
Advice : don't do this if you're ever in a similar situation, you'll just scare the living daylights out of yourself.

This is a video I found on YouTube :


One of the pins has been giving me a bit of trouble, sticking into my skin from the inside, so I headed off for my first post-op consult with the surgeon knowing that I had to mention it, scared he would do something about it, scared he wouldn't do something about it and already stressing myself out over the impending removal of all three pins when the wrist is healed.

The bandage and partial cast were removed and Anne (who had come along to translate) and I oohed and aahed over the horror of my mis-shapen lower arm.

Those of a sensitive disposition, look away now!

It doesn't look too bad from Anne's angle, you can see the incisions are nice and neat:

But it looked fairly grim from my point of view:

You can see the extent of the swelling in my knuckles best from this angle, but unfotunately the camera focussed on the background:

The surgeon listened sympathetically to my tale of woe about being impaled by a pin from the inside out, looked carefully at my wrist and said "Yes, it's a pin"... the "And?" hanging unspoken in the air between us!

However, he assured me that the new resin cast I was about to get wouldn't press on it, and carried on preparing the cast.

First he wrapped my arm with Softban bandaging.  Anne and I exchanged glances - many's the time we've used Softban when treating wounds and sprains on horses' legs!

Then he produced a roll of.... hey wait a minute!  It was exactly the same as the resin impregnated bandages we've seen on our horses' hooves recently - PHW wraps!  Just a different colour.

Anne and I were joking about how she'd have to hold my leg up while the resin set and we were both giggling like schoolgirls, so we felt we had to explain ourselves to the surgeon and the nurse, who had been unable to keep up with our rapid-fire English.  Anne did a brief translation of our exchange, and they were both incredulous that the resin bandages would be used in that way, the surgeon immediately spotting the problem that they would cause the horses to slip - smart man!

I was told to come back in three weeks for another check, and then two weeks later the pins would be removed.  Gulp.

No, wait! I'll be admitted as a day patient, and they'll remove the pins under a light general anaesthetic!

You have no idea how relieved I was to hear that!


  1. Poor Martine! It actually doesn't look too bad tho ... (easy for me to say, I know!)

  2. It's really neat! It'll be fine, given time - hopefully I'll be fit to ride long distance in April!

  3. God that looks very uncomfortable!!! Being impaled from the inside craic.
    Get well soon!

  4. That pic brings back memories of my broken wrist 2 years ago. When they took the cast off after 6 weeks it felt as though if I moved my wrist it would snap straight away. It wouldn't of course, but the feeling was horrible! I didn't have any pins though, yikes, don't envy you that!

  5. You should have no worries under anaesthetic. It only takes seconds to pull the wires. I had 3 that protruded through the skin, which they yanked out, sans anaesthetic, in an instant, using some sort of surgical pliers. It wasn't pleasant but was all done in under a minute. Sounds like you got fancy ones :o)

  6. Yuck, Damian, that's what I saw on YouTube which freaked me out. I'm quite sure they'd have to pick me up off the floor if that was done to me.
    For completeness, I'll edit this blog and add the video :)

  7. Know how you feel about watching an op you are going to undergo yourself. I made the mistake of watching a cataracts op on TV. Horrific!

  8. So has it worked? The resin bandage I mean, has it reduced the discomfort?

  9. @HCC YES! It's much better. It's gone from "violent stabbing pain several times a day" (we failed to translate that one) to "little nudges from time to time."
    Also my hand is in a great position for holding reins.
    Soon, soon....