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wagon. wagon - an awful woman. than one is such a wagon!

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Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Day 18 Saint-Agnan

Wednesday dawned wet and grey, the horses were happy enough though, enthusiastic as ever about their feed ! On the way back from feeding the horses I remembered to get some fruit and biscuits for lunch, we also had a doggy bag of cold steak from last night's dinner, so we would be fine. We had devised a crafty new way of carrying the maps, in the advent of bad weather, wrapped up in document sleeves, sealed with duct tape. (FYI This worked really well)

We  said goodbye to our hotel, which had improved slightly, but not enough to bring us back,  loaded the horses around midday and boxed to Brassy to start todays trek, and it was still raining. We donned all our wet gear, the first time I had worn my trousers, and when I mounted I couldn't actually sit in the saddle as they had slipped down a bit and were restricting my leg movments. Getting off again was even trickier, but a bit of readjustment and we were off !

And the rain continued to fall so there are very few pictures of today's trek.

We wound our merry way through forest after forest, rocks and roots , and puddles that were more like lakes, apparently they weren't even good for drinking, they were very peaty!   Gigi nearly disappeared into one of them, dislodging one of her hind boots, thankfully it stayed with her though, I  would not have fancied fishing for it in the puddle/lake!

The sheep here are larger than any we've seen so far , must be the surfeit of water. We arrived near Dun les Places, we had agreed that we would review our trip here as the weather was still bad, but the wet gear was holding up, the horses were happy so on we went, we took a detour around the village and kept going.

We passed a field with a beautiful Ardennes plus companion, the Ardennes was very interested in our guys, but they just kept on going forward ! Then we spotted a deer in a field but he was gone before the horses even knew he was there.

We were both beginning to feel wet and cold when the Chateau Saint Agnan hove into view, oh horse and human heaven, big grass field,

cup of tea, big hot bath, oh yes !

Then dinner, soup and the last photo....

Salmon with potatoes !

Followed  by a lovely cheese plate,and a choice of desserts, and I hate to tell you this guys but our hosts are from the north of England, and they have got it just right!

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  1. I bet that food was welcome after the poor conditions. Salmon and potatoes, sounds almost Irish...