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Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 20 - A tour around Le Lac Saint-Agnan

Today we are BFHless (Best Friend's Husband) so we planned a trip around the lake which is at the bottom of the horses field. The forecast was for thunder storms with hail, but in the evening, so we rolled once more
This sweet little chapel is famous locally as it was used by the maquis or resistance during the second world war, we have been frequently reminded during our stay here what it must have been like to live in an occupied country.

Then around the corner we came across this house whose roof was on fire, there were several fire/rescue vehicles there, fortunately our path took us the other way, up to a T-junction, we could all see this cyclist coming except Flurry, who is the most vertically challenged, when we're mounted! So of course he did an enormous start when the bike appeared !

The flowers in the field are dandelions, which the horses adore.

The paths were lovely, we had very few difficult passages.

We had decided to take a short detour up to an abbey, it turned out to be huge. It's called L'abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire.

With a dolmen, not like any we're used to seeing at home. Supposedly, legend has it, at midday with the sun shining on it, the stones appear to turn three times.

We stopped in the car park to let the horses have a quick pick, and a light lunch for ourselves.

And then explored a bit more

The visitors' centre...we didn't go in here

And a massive great modern extension to the abbey. We didn't go in here either
By this time thunder had started to roll in the distance, but we went on past yet more water, this to the left of us

And this to the right of us, until we arrived at bridge which looked just to rickety to support the horses , so we had to retrace our steps to get to the junction for the other side of the lake and home.

I'm a fruit addict and I chomp may through various varieties along the way, but pears are Gigi's favourites, here she is getting the core !

It wasn't long before "our" lake came in to view

And soon we were home, and the horses turned out for the evening, they are just loving it here. And the hail/rain had held off.

But we had to go into Saulieu for dog food, and the place was white with hail stones, we had been lucky yet again.

Because we have been able to stick to mainly grassy or sandy tracks, the renegade boots are holding up , only 3 days to go, the horses are being picked up on Tuesday, will we make the 500km ?????? We will do our very best !

We are doing this trek for Irish Guide Dogs program for dogs for  families of children with autism, if you like our blog please contribute at

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  1. I note the number of religious buildings, and how nice they are. GiGi really looks muscular in the photo- the trek is showing on her. (I can't quite see Anne in the photo....but maybe she has firmed up also......!!!!)

  2. Yes she is in great shape, would like a bit more condition on her, but I can't pump the food into her, and she is fine. Me ?? Too much French food and wine, so not in anywhere near as good shape !!

  3. You have a really nice spots there. I really love the sites. I wish I could go there soon.

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