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Wagon. A cranky contary female / an ugly female. She\'s some wagon eh?

wagon. wagon - an awful woman. than one is such a wagon!

wagon. a woman thats a bitch. dat ones a right wagon.

Wagon. A cantankerous old woman.. Yer wan's some wagon, I asked her could I feed the seagulls and she lifted me out of it!

wagon. car or other mode of transport. i'll drive my waggon.

Wanderly Wagon. A much loved Irish children's TV program which ran from 1968 to 1982

Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday Weather Watch

We've had some fairly rough weather this week - gale force winds, lots of rain and a major thunderstorm on Wednesday night.  Poor Cinnamon really hates thunder and was absolutely petrified.

When the weather is really rough I feed the horses on the hard standing area because it's got great shelter.  Usually I have to spread the feed around so they won't bicker, which means that Paddy and GiGi end up out in the elements.  On Wednesday evening, they were all huddled under the trees, so I doled out the haylage where they were standing, in the hopes that they could all stay sheltered from the wind and rain.  Wonder of wonders, there was no bullying - even from Mr Boss man Aero.  There seemed to be a feeling of "we're all in this together" amongst them, which was nice to see.
I'm actually a bit sad to be taking Aero's herd members away from him just when they are all so content together.

I knew there was rain on the way late this morning so I hurried through the therapeutic work this morning.  I had GiGi to do as well as Aero and Flurry.  They're all looking good, and I even rode Flurry out on the road for five minutes or so - our first time barefoot on the road!  He was fine, but I noticed he chose to walk on the grassy bit down the middle of the road on the way home!

It looks like the weekend won't be too bad, cold with some showers.  Céreste looks lovely, they are still getting those mid-teen daytime temperatures.  Lucky things!

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  1. That does sound like a bit of nasty weather. But they all seem to have handled it well.