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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Slight Hiccup

I've been industriously working my way through my to do list.

The barefoot horses are getting better and better.  Applications have gone off for EHIC cards.  Change of address form is done (but requires a visit to the sorting office)  I've made a start on Christmas shopping.  We have contingency plans in place for transporting the horses at either end of the journey.  I've got my GP saddle.  The plumbing work in the house is complete.
On the downside, the Long Suffering Husband seems to have shingles, but thankfully is not terribly ill - just has a load of blisters in his mouth.

Yesterday I got to "sort out jeep insurance" and made the initial phonecall, explaining that we'd be in France for a total of four months and asking what would we need to do.  No problem, said the very helpful employee on the other end of the phone, I will contact RSA (the policy underwriters) and get back to you tomorrow.  Fine, sez I, talk to you tomorrow.

Late this afternoon, I was continuing to be industrious and was working hard on a proposal for DI when a different employee called me back.  I explained to her in full detail what the plan was, she went off to discuss it further with RSA and came back with the news that RSA will not, under any circumstances, cover us while towing a horsebox in France for any period greater than 30 days.

A change of insurance company seems inevitable.  A less attractive (read: more expensive) option, would be to register the jeep in France and then insure ourselves over there.

I foresee a lot of phonecalls tomorrow.

However, our troubles pale into trivial insignificance when compared with Megan Lewis of the Long Horse Ride.  She has been stuck in no-man's land between the Ukraine and Hungary for three weeks now and cannot move her horses forward or back.  If they can't resolve it, the horses will have to be put down.  My heart goes out to her.

If anyone reading this has powerful connections ANYWHERE, please, please use them so her two horses who have carried her for thousands of miles don't have to pay the price for an administrative error.


  1. Nothing is easy is it especially not when it comes to insurance. Hope you find someone willing to insure for less than the cost of a second mortgage, also hope your husband is feeling better soon.

  2. Just found your blog with Equine Ink's Carnival of Horses. Its a Fantastic Read :-)

  3. Don't reregister in France, insurance here is astronomical! And the trailer would have to be reregistered too as here it counts as a vehicle in its own right and has to be insured accordingly.....

  4. Thanks HCC & lorlee. lorlee, your blog is pretty exciting too, I will start following today!
    @Helen, that's really helpful. I have two insurance contacts here who I'm hoping will be able to help us. Reregistration would be a last resort. We're NOT not bringing horses at this stage!